1/4″ Top Fuel Exhaust Gas Thermocouples.


Exhaust Gas Temperature is a critical indicator of the performance of a typical racing engine. Supercharged and turbocharged engines use EGT sensors rather than air/fuel sensors due to the volume of fuel being passed through the engine. Performance Data Systems’ Top Fuel series of thermocouples are designed for the harsh engine conditions and high cylinder pressures typically found in supercharged, nitro-burning engines. These probes feature a stronger insulator, to protect the tip of the probe in these applications. These thermocouples also work well in both gas and methanol engines.

Additional information

Weight 0.099208 lbs

13" – PN: TC-TF-13, 18" – PN: TC-TF-18, 23" – PN: TC-TF-23, 9" – PN: TC-TF-09

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