1/4″ A-Fuel Exhaust Gas Thermocouples for injected nitro applications.


Exhaust Gas Temperature is a critical indicator of the performance of a typical racing engine. Injected nitro engines use EGT sensors rather than air/fuel sensors due to the volume of fuel being passed through the engine. Performance Data Systems’ A-Fuel series of thermocouples are designed for the harsh engine conditions and high cylinder temperatures typically found in injected nitro-burning engines. These probes feature a stronger insulator, to protect the tip of the probe in these applications. These thermocouples also work well in both gas and methanol engines.

Additional information

Weight 0.099208 lbs

13" – PN: TC-AF-13, 18" – PN: TC-AF-18, 23" – PN: TC-AF-23, 9" – PN: TC-AF-09

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