COVID-19 Service Updates

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
April 9, 2020

Dear PDS Customer,

Our entire team is working very hard to manage the evolving COVID-19 crisis.

We continue to ship globally to provide racers around the world with parts for their race and street vehicles.

With many racers confined to their homes and race shops during these uncertain times, some people are spending their time working on their race cars, sorting their trailers and generally going through their operations front to back. If you find something that you’ve been putting off, like replacing the backlight in your UDX dash or replacing the internal battery on your Pro I, II or III data logger, we can assist you.

With a little extra time on our hands these days, many of you may be spending some time looking at some runs from previous years and have questions about either your configuration file or some some of the readings. Our tech support team is still fully staffed to answer any questions you may have.

During these difficult times, know that we are here for you, our customers. If there is any question you have about your car’s data system, or any of the 300+ components we sell and service here at Performance Data Systems, give us a call at (949) 652-6300, email us at or visit our online store at

Be healthy, be safe and above all, be kind to one another.


Todd, Jeff, Mary, Brian and John
Performance Data Systems